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Magento 1 end of life

What Happens Now Magento 1 Support Has Ended?

Magento 2 has come a long way since its initial launch back in 2015 - it now includes many improvements and feature enhancements that can be used to build and grow your online business. Over the last 5 years, Magento have been perfecting the...
digital marketing during covid-19

Reduce or Revise? Evaluating Your Digital Marketing Amidst COVID-19

Whilst the world is waiting to resume normality, many businesses affected by the containment of COVID-19 are seemingly cutting their digital marketing expenses. But at what cost? We have listed some quick and effective ways to help you hit the...
Why you should upgrade to Drupal 8 ASAP

Why You Should Upgrade to Drupal 8 ASAP

With Drupal 9 on the horizon for June 2020 and end-of-life for both Drupal 7 & 8 following in November 2021, upgrading to Drupal 8 is your best move right now. In a nutshell, if your website is still running on Drupal 7 you’re missing out on...
Why Your Website Needs CleanTalk AntiSpam Protection

Why Your Website Needs CleanTalk

CleanTalk is the cloud based anti-spam service that makes life easier for you and harder for spam. With none of the negative side effects associated with other anti-spam filters - among which are decreased engagement, lower conversion rates, putting...
brexit data protection

Data Protection & Brexit: What Happens Now?

Let's take a look at how leaving the EU could impact hosting, data storage and transfer for UK Businesses and what we should be doing about it now. Since it was decided back in 2016 that the UK would be leaving the EU, much has been done to prepare...
avoid cheap seo

Why Avoid Cheap SEO?

In today’s wildly competitive online market place, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become more important than ever, and as a consequence an increasing number of organisations are offering SEO services. With so many SEO packages to choose from,...
gdpr website compliance

GDPR Compliance for Websites in 2018

Disclaimer: The information provided within this article does in no way constitute legal advice. Any person who intends to rely upon or use the information contained herein in any way, is solely responsible for independently verifying the...
Shopify Vs Magento ecommerce

Shopify Vs Magento - Which Is Best for Your Ecommerce Website?

Choosing the most suitable ecommerce platform for your business is essential, and more often than not the difference between a successful or an unsuccessful ecommerce store. This is true of any sized business – for smaller organisations it is vital...
do i need an ssl certificate

What is an SSL Certificate & Do I Need One?

While SSL certificates have been around for years, their popularity has exploded more recently. This is because the internet is becoming increasingly aware of security and data protection. But do you really need one for your website? Siruss explores...
how to hire an seo agency

How to Hire an SEO Agency – Google’s Official Guidance

On 14th February 2017, Google published a video to the Google Webmasters YouTube channel entitled “How to hire an SEO”. Google have uploaded this video to complement their very informative “Do you need an SEO?” page. We’ve embedded the video below...


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