Google Penalty Recovery & Link Removal

Expert analysis and advice to help you get back in Google's good books
 Google Penalty Recovery & Link Removal

Google regularly reviews websites, using both algorithmic updates and manual processes to determine if their guidelines have been breached. If you have noticed a significant drop in your organic traffic recently, or you are no longer able to find your website on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), it may indicate that you have been penalised. Our Google penalty recovery and link removal services can help your website regain search engine inclusion.

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Siruss Can Help You If

  • Google has issued you with a “Manual Action Penalty”, which can be found in their Search Console
  • You have experienced an abrupt drop in organic traffic, specifically from Google
  • Your website can no longer be found on Google's SERPs

Don't delay - the sooner we diagnose the problem, the sooner your traffic recovery begins.

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Penalty Diagnosis

Unless you've received a message from Google, it's not guaranteed that your website is under penalty. There are many things that can result in a drop of traffic. We will review your website’s stats and check for a number of different discrepancies. If you are seeing a drop in traffic directly from Google, then we will try and diagnose the cause of this.

There are a few different types of penalties. A manual penalty is when Google tells you about the penalty. From here we know exactly how to help you. Algorithmic penalties take some diagnosis, but the tell-tale sign is usually a large drop in organic traffic from Google. From here we will determine if you're suffering from a website quality penalty or a link penalty.

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Link Removal Penalty Recovery Services

Whether you have been "slapped" with a penalty or not, we can analyse your links and offer a link removal service. We use sophisticated tools that help us identify the quality of links to your website. This can take some time, depending on the volume of links.

We look for poor quality and untrustworthy links and then make requests for these links to be removed. Details of removal requests and successfully removed links will all be documented as Google requires access to all work carried out. Any links that can't be removed will be provided to Google in a “disavow file”, removing your association with them.

Extended Manual Action Penalty Services

If you are under a Manual Action Penalty for unnatural links, Siruss can contact Google on your behalf with a Reconsideration Request. Siruss will work with you until the penalty is completely removed.

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Website Quality Penalty Recovery Services

Both the way your website is structured and how your content is structured will influence your search engine rankings. A website with duplicate or thin content will have difficulties performing. Incorrect technical SEO set up of a website can result in thin or duplicated content that you didn't know existed.

Positive user experience and intuitive design are both ranking factors in Google. If your users find your website difficult to use, or your website is slow to load, then this can have a negative influence on your rankings.

Siruss can help you by providing a content quality and structural SEO analysis. If you feel that your website could be structured better, and want to know how to beat your competitors, we can help.