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Magento is a powerful ecommerce solution for businesses looking for a solution with high levels of complexity, it is possibly the most widely used ecommerce platform, due to its extensive range of modules and the fantastic features it has to offer. Not only this, it is also the preferred solution for some of the biggest, and most popular brands globally. Everything you need and more, is available using Magento.

As your business evolves, and moves forward, so can your website. Magento is totally scalable with new and exciting extensions constantly being developed by its specialists, ensuring your website won't get left behind using old technology.

Whether you are considering Magento community as a more entry level solution, or Magento Enterprise to power your flagship ecommerce website, Siruss can help and support you from initial conception to delivery and beyond.

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Trust & Versatility

Magento is one of the most widely recognised names in the world of ecommerce and highly recommended by a number of large online organisations. Many well known businesses have put their trust in Magento as the platform of choice for their online presence, such as Harvey Nichols, Venroy, Huawei,, Sweatshop and many more.  Get in touch with Siruss today to discuss how we can help you with your Magento project.

Magento is a versatile platform.  When it comes to ecommerce, every business has different needs - there is no such thing as one solution for all. Magento is highly customisable, from the storefront through to the background processes. Many features are available 'out of the box', from product browsing to catalogue management, voucher codes, customer service, order management, even marketing and promotion tools. Siruss will work closely with you to ensure that all of the functionality and design required is included in your new Magento website.

To discuss your Magento requirements with the experts at Siruss, get in touch today.

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Designed for you and your customers

Magento has an extremely well designed and robust administration interface.  From product management, through to order management and even management of products on different sales channels, such as ebay and Amazon, Magento provides a comprehensive and easy to use administration experience.

All ecommerce websites built in Magento by Siruss are fully responsive across all devices.  Siruss has dedicated front end developers and rigorous testing processes for all development projects - ensuring the mobile experience of your website is as polished as the desktop version.

Out of the box, Magento offers marketing tools as standard, ensuring search engine optimisation can be performed on all pages.  There are also many extensions that can enhance the optimisation process and provide additional marketing possibilities.  Call Siruss to speak to our Digital Marketing team to find out more about how we can help you optimise your Magento website.

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There are many certified Magento development studios offering an astonishing range of extensions, which will provide additional functionality for your Magento website.  From complex shipping requirements, stock control, navigation improvements through to multi-channel integration (ebay, Amazon) and even back office or accounts software integrations.

If you have any specific requirements for your Magento store, contact Siruss - we can locate, install and integrate your chosen extension, there are no limitations. The Magento team at Siruss can also develop custom solutions for your more complex and challenging requirements where 'off the shelf' extensions will not work for you.

It is important that your choice of ecommerce platform supports your preferred payment merchant.  Magento supports all of the major payment gateways and many of the lesser known ones - therefore if you have a merchant, you can be assured Magento supports it, if you do not currently have a merchant, Magento offers a wide range to choose from.

To discuss your Magento extension requirements, contact the friendly and knowledgeable Siruss team today!

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Secure and well supported

Magento is built on the superb Zend framework, an industry leading framework offering high levels of security by design.  The Magento team also regularly analyse and test the code and structure - security patches are released as vulnerabilities are identified.  Siruss can support and maintain your Magento website with the application of security releases.

The Magento community is a strong, active community of like minded Magento developers and end-users, it has a large number of contributors continuously striving to improve and update the platform.  For Magento community websites, the community can be invaluable, for Magento Enterprise websites, direct support from the Magento support team is extremely beneficial.

Contact Siruss today to discuss how our team can help you with your Magento security!