Scaleable eCommerce for SMEs

Shopify is the most cost-effective and versatile fully hosted ecommerce platform available today.  The platform enables you to sell your products online without the problems and additional ongoing costs that are a feature of other hosted platforms.

Shopify is the perfect solution for SME businesses with a lower initial development cost and monthly running costs providing ease of budgeting.

Siruss are your Shopify partner of choice to help you along in your e-commerce journey, whatever your requirements.

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Cost Effective & Scalable

Shopify's low monthly fee includes everything you need to get selling, without having to worry about Hosting, SSL certificates, PCI compliance, Security updates or Maintenance, it is all included in Shopify’s simple monthly fee.

Shopify will enable you get online and selling faster than any other platform. Try it today by clicking here.

Scalability is the key to Shopify - start small and grow big! The well structured pricing plan makes Shopify suitable for all businesses.  From a startup with a small number of products through to enterprise businesses retailing million of pounds worth of products per year, Shopify has a solution that will fit your business perfectly.

Siruss will help you select the Shopify plan that is right for your business and work with you to build the perfect solution.

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Shopify is extremely scalable in terms of the cost of implementation. There are many excellent pre-built themes that can be purchased at low cost. Siruss can then work with the theme to customise it to match your brand, add your logos and setup the website to optimise the purchase experience for your customers.

For something more bespoke, we can design and develop a custom Shopify theme to provide you with a totally unique website specifically designed to match your business requirements and customer demographic.

Find out more about Shopify custom theme development »

Shopify has an extensive library of apps that can be added to a store to provide additional functionality; from custom postcode shipping to accounts system integration – Siruss can help and offer advice on the best solution and carry out the app integrations for you as your Shopify partner.

If you have a totally unique requirement, a custom app will be required. Siruss can develop a custom Shopify app for any requirement.

Find out more about Shopify custom app development »

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Manage your store with ease

Shopify boasts one of the most intuitive and easy to use administration control panels of any platform. Manage collections, products, inventories and orders with ease. Ask any long term Shopify client and they all say that the love the simplicity of administration.

Shopify’s ease of use is bolstered by its ‘out of the box’ multi-channel sales ability. Link up to Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook shopping and many more, all of which can be managed from your Shopify administration panel.

Siruss can help you get setup for sales across multiple channels, quickly and easily.

Last but by no means, least, Shopify has an integrated POS (Point of Sale) system that can be used to facilitate brick and mortar sales, whilst maintaining a consistent inventory with your Shopify website and additional sales channels.

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