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Web Design and Development
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Web Design

Web Design

Competition is fierce and the internet is a huge place; it's vital that your website stands out against your competitors. Its design is key to both first impressions and for the overall visitor experience.

The websites we design are not only visually stunning but also highly functional.

Web design is not merely about cosmetics; functionality and user experience are also of paramount importance. We approach each project individually, looking at the architecture required to provide the functionality, the user journey which allows visitors to ‘flow’ through your website and locate information with ease, before then working on this ‘ideal structure’ to design a beautiful website sympathetic to your brand.

As standard, our web designs are fully responsive and optimised for different screen sizes, offering outstanding aesthetics, that work seamlessly across all devices.

From small business to corporate and large industry, Siruss are the trusted partners of hundreds of organisations UK-wide who put their trust in our experienced team. So whatever your business is, we can help you shine online.

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Web Development Services

Web Development Services

At Siruss you will never be locked down into contracts using in-house proprietary systems that you will never own. We use only best in class Content Management Systems (CMS) that provide the flexibility to self-manage all key areas of your website.

We do not believe in building a website which forces the client to have to return to us every time they wish to make a change, it is our view that if the architecture of a website is correctly developed, the client should be able to easily manage content, even if the functionality of the website is complex. Of course,  technical changes are of a different nature, and we are always here to help whenever required.


Drupal is a state-of-the art content management tool built specifically to be the most secure and high-performance content management system available.

We develop Drupal websites for businesses of all sizes - Drupal is a platform for all businesses from small to corporate - despite any misconceptions that it is better suited for large companies and public sector.

Our developers have worked with and specialised in Drupal for 10+ years and are leading experts in the platform. We develop new Drupal websites or can redesign or upgrade your existing Drupal website to include additional functionality with custom modules, whilst providing consultancy and maintenance to keep your website secure.

Find out more about our Drupal services


WordPress is the world’s most widely used content management system – there is good reason for this - it is not only well supported, but also highly diverse and can be used to create almost any kind of website, from a simple brochure to e-commerce.

We offer WordPress web development from scratch for a ‘bespoke’ look and feel and can customise pre-existing templates where budgets may be tight.

Siruss provide a full range of WordPress development. We develop new WordPress websites, redevelop existing websites and create custom WordPress plugins to provide additional functionality.

Trust Siruss to develop the perfect WordPress website for your business.

Find out more about our Wordpress services

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UX (User Experience)

User Experience (UX)

As part of our design and scoping process for any website, we ensure that we have a deep understanding of who your users are, what they need and what they will value most from your website.

We take the time to understand the business goals and objectives of our clients, to ensure that the user experience we create for visitors to the website, is as meaningful and valuable as possible.

Siruss identify good user experience by the successful implementation of the following 4 key points:

  • A visitor comes to your website
  • Navigates through multiple pages
  • Quickly understands what the website is about
  • Promptly finds what they are looking for

At Siruss we understand conventions are important – your website visitors will be familiar with a certain structural element and this generates familiarity which makes the visitor feel at ease. Think of a red stop sign on a road – you don’t think about it, you just stop!

Remember; every aspect of a user’s interaction with your website contributes towards their perception of your business as a whole.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you get the most from your website.

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extended website services

Extended Website Services

As a full-service website agency, Siruss offers everything that you could possibly need.

Website Support Services

Siruss can provide website support for changes to your website. Whether you require small content changes or big and exciting new features, we can help you make the most of your website.

Read more about our website support services »

Website Security Maintenance

Website content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Magento are constantly updated with features and security patches. Siruss can take care of updating your website with a monthly support package.

Read more about our website maintenance services »

Website Hosting

Siruss offers UK business-class website hosting for a range of platforms and applications. Whether your website receives one hundred or one hundred thousand visitors a month, we have the right hosting solution for you.

Read more about our website hosting services »

Mobile App Development

If your business requires a mobile app, the Siruss team can help. As our development team are highly experienced with Drupal, we prefer to work with DrupalGap or OpenGap.

Read more about our app development services »

We understand everyone's needs are different, get in touch to discuss your requirements.