Website Support Services

Site audit, optimisation, ongoing support and bug fixing
Website Support Services
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website support

Website Support

When you partner with Siruss you are never on your own!

Siruss believe in transparency and honest partnerships, and as such would never ask you to sign up for an ongoing support package.

As a client of Siruss, you will always have direct contact with your client manager. If you need support, reach out to your client manager and let us know how we can help. We will raise a support ticket on your behalf, allocate the task to the most appropriate developer and your client manager will inform you when the task is completed. We will only ever charge for the time taken – we think that this is the fairest way to provide you with top-notch support.

Website support comes in many forms – perhaps you need new functionality, perhaps an area of the website is not functioning correctly, or it could be just general support and advice. Get in touch on 01743 588150 to discuss how we can support your online presence.

For our clients, the first 15 minutes of a support request are always free – guaranteed!

Get in touch now to discuss your website changes.

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website audit

Website Audits & Optimisation

Is your website tired, not performing well or converting as well as it used to? A website audit is extremely useful in identifying where a website can be improved or optimised and, we can even provide outline estimates for the work required.

There are many elements reviewed as part of a website audit. We look at the overall website, review the user journey and make suggestions for optimisation.

Clients are frequently amazed at the difference to their website once our recommended changes are implemented.  Often taking a non-profitable e-commerce website, for example, and transforming it into a profitable business asset, or improving the user experience on a brochure website to increase conversion.

Siruss also provide security audits for your Drupal, WordPress or Magento website. With our custom-designed tools, we can scan for Malware and Viruses and often locate security issues which may have lain undiscovered for quite some time.

Contact us to book an audit of your website.