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Website Maintenance

Open source software, such as WordPress, Drupal and Magento are constantly developing their platforms, making enhancements and introducing additional security features. They are continuously testing and checking code in the core software and additional modules/plugins for security vulnerabilities - all of which is good news; however, it is an unfortunate fact of the modern internet, that it is plagued by both people and automated systems constantly scanning websites for security holes, including yours - if your website is not up to date with the latest security patched code, your website is vulnerable and at risk of exploit.

Remember - within 24 hours of release of an Open Source security patch, hackers will have developed software to scan for that vulnerability - your website needs maintaining to protect it from these vulnerabilities to the best level possible.

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Website Maintenance Packages

Every website is a target for a hacker, don't assume they wouldn't want to attack your website - too small? - Wrong!  If your website is not regularly updated, they will catch up with you!

When Drupal, WordPress and Magento release security updates they must be applied in a timely manner.

Malicious Activities Could Include:

  • Turning your website into a spamming engine which could result in your domain name being blacklisted due to your website sending out thousands of unsolicited email, often containing content of a dubious nature.

  • Inserting text and links or images of a pornographic/offensive nature into your website

  • Deleting some of your content or even your entire website

  • Re-directing your visitors to another website, this means any visitors to your website will be automatically forwarded to a different website, most likely containing offensive content.

  • Cloning all of your form submissions, order details and possibly even your customer's credit card details

  • Adding your website, secretly, to a chain of other websites that can be used in massive DOS (Denial of Service) attacks on other websites and networks

Don't let hackers destroy your online reputation and potentially damage your business. Our website maintenance agreements can greatly reduce the risk of your website being compromised by keeping the code security patched and up to date.

For a low-cost monthly fee, the developers at Siruss will monitor the security updates available for your website and when issued, will apply them to your website in a timely manner.

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Is Website Maintenance Affordable?

Our website maintenance agreements offer exceptionally competitive rates. The price will however vary, depending on the complexity and platform of your website. For more details on website maintenance please contact us on 01743 588150 to discuss your requirements, without delay.

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