Why Your Website Needs CleanTalk

Why Your Website Needs CleanTalk AntiSpam Protection

CleanTalk is the cloud based anti-spam service that makes life easier for you and harder for spam. With none of the negative side effects associated with other anti-spam filters - among which are decreased engagement, lower conversion rates, putting customers in spam and slowing your website down - CleanTalk is easy, efficient and accurate.

Once installed, CleanTalk gets to work behind the scenes with no fuss or frustration, saving you time and resources, by working more efficiently and effectively than other spam filters. With CleanTalk there’s no need to install separately for each form, forum or website, no additional plugins are required, it provides an all-in-one solution -  manageable from one place.

Cleantalk antispam
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How does CleanTalk benefit your website?

By eliminating the need for captchas and other spam filtering methods which require user interaction, CleanTalk is invisible to users. This ensures your customers can move through your website unhindered by the familiar, but irritating, ‘human or robot’ hurdles with their wobbly, blurred letters, picture choices and tick boxes. This invisible approach makes CleanTalk the obvious choice for website protection. Registrations and form filling becomes a much easier process, inviting a growth in engagement and increased conversion rates.

CleanTalk is also beneficial to your overall ranking with search engines, working well with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Most of us will have left a website because the page was not loading fast enough, this is something no website owner wants for their business! Loading speed greatly impacts your google ranking, making it an important factor in your websites SEO. Spam filters can slow up your website but once again, CleanTalk has got your back. 

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With its early interception of spam, CleanTalks’s speed is a feature worth highlighting. Most spam bots have to load the web page in order to leave spam. This creates a load on the database and server which can affect your sites performance and as such, your SEO may be negatively affected. CleanTalk discerns and blocks most spam bots before they load the page keeping your website fast, light and efficient. 

Offering unique algorithms, created to ensure a high level of reliability and accuracy, CleanTalk excels where other systems fail. No-one wants to waste time combing through spam to find the genuine customer who slipped through the net. By assessing user behaviour and the way forms are filled, CleanTalk’s multi-layered checks combined with its non-invasive nature make it the obvious choice for accurate and helpful spam filtering.

When it comes to reporting back, CleanTalk gives you in depth statistics with maximum open statistics allowing you to control the process completely. Every week you will receive a summary report of all events processed by CleanTalk. Its logs can be used to provide analysis of spam on your website by activity, country, IPs, IP Network and emails. Regularly analysing the parameters will allow you to find new spam patterns of behaviour. Helpfully, if you accidentally delete a message you can find it in the logs.

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Providing a simple, ‘all under one roof’ approach to spam, CleanTalk brings you peace of mind and freedom from the negative and unsightly effects of spam. As it works discreetly and effectively in the background, your users get the smooth, uninterrupted experience they desire, whilst your website sees increased user interaction, eliminating not only the annoying captcha, but also your spam-related stress.