Siruss WordPress Web Hosting Goes Green

green web hosting

Siruss is pleased to announce that our Super-Fast WordPress Cloud hosting service has gone green.

The Siruss Super-Fast WordPress Cloud hosting service uses data centres located in the UK, and these are now powered by 100% renewable energy sources – largely wind and solar.

Designed and built exclusively for WordPress websites, the Siruss Super-Fast WordPress Cloud provides a lightning speed service with a page-load that is on average, up to 48 times faster than other UK hosting platforms, maximising up-time, and ensuring a consistently fast website. Speed is crucial for the success of any online organisation and also plays a significant role in determining the Search Engine ranking of your website. 

The data centres we use excel in energy efficiency with a PUE (power usage effectiveness) of 1.12 – all of this without compromising on the load time and performance of your website, whilst at the same time without harming the planet. Read more about green web hosting below:

What Is Green Web Hosting?

Green web hosting involves the use of sustainable data centres which use renewable sources of energy such as solar panels and wind farms.

Why Do We Need to Reduce Carbon Emissions?

The climate crisis is a result of excessive carbon emissions from human activity, global temperatures are rapidly increasing causing climate change and environmental problems which pose risks to our health and have a devasting impact on ecosystems all around the world. This crisis not only damages the environment but also the economy, making it important for all of us to protect the planet and go green.

Why Is Green Web Hosting Important?

For many of us, the topic of harmful greenhouse gases instantly evokes a mental image of cars and their exhaust fumes, air travel, industrial chimneys and so forth – connecting a device to the internet and loading a website, is rarely a consideration that springs to mind, as most of us tend not to remember that every time we use the internet, we are consuming energy and emitting greenhouse gases.

How Much Energy Does the Internet Use?

The internet is a colossal network of computer networks that allows organisations and individuals across the globe to communicate digital information by means of computers, cables, routers, servers, data centres, repeaters, Wi-Fi towers and satellites. Billions of devices are connected every day to power the internet and engage in this exchange of information. According to recent statistics, internet usage accounts for 3.7% of global emissions – to put this into perspective, this is roughly the equivalent of all the air traffic in the world.

Running A Greener Business

It is more important than ever for businesses to go green - the Siruss team are dedicated to finding initiatives and regularly assessing and evaluating our organisational habits to go green. We recycle all of our waste and go paperless wherever possible. We encourage our employees to walk or cycle to work wherever possible and many of our staff work remotely, helping to save emissions produced during longer commutes.

For more information on our hosting services and to find the best solution for your organisation’s website, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.