Siruss WordPress Web Hosting Goes Green

Siruss is pleased to announce that our Super-Fast WordPress Cloud hosting service has gone green. The Siruss Super-Fast WordPress Cloud hosting service uses data centres located in the UK, and these are now powered by 100% renewable energy sources – largely wind and solar. Designed and built exclusively for WordPress websites, the Siruss Super-Fast WordPress Cloud provides a lightning speed

Why You Need to Update Your Website

Whether we want to talk about it or not, every open source system can be targeted by hackers. It is not unheard of to have your WordPress or your Drupal website hacked, however, the risk can be reduced if you keep your website updated. This is why a monthly maintenance program is an essential part of your online strategy. UPDATING YOUR DRUPAL AND WORDPRESS WEBSITE IS IMPORTANT There are some very

The Pitfalls of Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap web hosting may sound attractive but as with anything else in life, you get what you pay for. A cheap web hosting provider will appeal to some businesses, but be aware that you may be dealing with a web hosting provider with limited technical skills and a poor understanding of managing servers and network infrastructure. There are also some organisations that lure clients in with apparently