Why Your Website Needs CleanTalk

CleanTalk is the cloud based anti-spam service that makes life easier for you and harder for spam. With none of the negative side effects associated with other anti-spam filters - among which are decreased engagement, lower conversion rates, putting customers in spam and slowing your website down - CleanTalk is easy, efficient and accurate. Once installed, CleanTalk gets to work behind the scenes

Data Protection & Brexit: What Happens Now?

Let's take a look at how leaving the EU could impact hosting, data storage and transfer for UK Businesses and what we should be doing about it now. Since it was decided back in 2016 that the UK would be leaving the EU, much has been done to prepare for the inevitable departure, or so rumour has it. Talks of free-movement, migration and job security have been the subject of national debate as the

What is an SSL Certificate & Do I Need One?

While SSL certificates have been around for years, their popularity has exploded more recently. This is because the internet is becoming increasingly aware of security and data protection. But do you really need one for your website? Siruss explores what an SSL is, what it does, and why you would need one. What Is an SSL Certificate? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. It is a digital