Reduce or Revise? Evaluating Your Digital Marketing Amidst COVID-19

marketing during covid-19

Whilst the world is waiting to resume normality, many businesses affected by the containment of COVID-19 are seemingly cutting their digital marketing expenses. But at what cost?

We have listed some quick and effective ways to help you hit the ground running and make the best use of your marketing investments.


More time at home means more time on our mobiles, and although bidding may be down, this is a great opportunity to get creative and consider all the possible paths you have to connect with potential clients.

Put on your thinking-cap, there are a variety of different ways that can attract clients amidst these circumstances, as well as refining the tools you already have. Less time outside offers more time to brainstorm.

Social Media, Email and Content are a few major ways you can continue marketing your business from home. With more people than ever browsing, checking emails, and relying on their devices, it’s a great time to create something new and engaging.

And better yet, these methods are free or low-cost. So, take a minute to consider what you can outsource and what you can do at your desk. It sounds simple, but a strong social presence and relevant content can get you ahead once the quarantine is over.


Email still remains one of the long-standing, bullet-proof ways of connecting with your clients. It keeps your customers updated, connected and your brand within arm’s reach.

So, how can you use email to your advantage during this time?

If you’re offering something deemed essential, then it’s doubtful you’d have changed your marketing plan too much, but for those who’re flying under the radar, offering discounts, bundles and introducing new products are quick and easy ways to engage with your existing (and potentially new) customers.

Something as simple as letting them know that you are still open for business can encourage purchases. Even though online sales have generally taken a dip, people are still buying, so it’s important that your communication with the outside world doesn’t lessen.


As a good majority of us are now working from home, it’s unlikely they’ll be accessing your site via the VPN or another remote network connection. This means that your analytics data may not be entirely correct.

More so, there aren’t any particular filters one can implement to avoid this issue either but fret not, the world's commerce is currently experiencing something extraordinary, so it’s important that you don’t take it too personally.

Of course, you will have a general idea of how your analytics were looking before the pandemic, so it’s useful to keep that data in mind when observing the traffic, especially since your staff began working remotely.


Since the world has transitioned into essential buying only, we’ve seen a universal drop in overall search demand. But don’t be discouraged, our various SEO platforms indicate that although search impressions are down, there are no significant changes to rankings.

This means a few things. The first being that any attempt to manipulate your marketing plans to fit around the current situation may leave you worse-off, affecting your organic rankings once the containment begins to relax.

Secondly, it should encourage you to go ahead with any content or SEO campaign you wish to deploy either now or in the near future. Maintaining or growing your SEO campaign may lead to an influx of custom once it’s business as usual.

Again, this is a great time to grab a pen and paper and think of creative and inventive ways you can attract or communicate with your clients. Your efforts may well be rewarded.

Take a look for yourself on how search has changed through the Coronavirus epidemic through Google Trends.


Although we don’t encourage you to slow down your marketing campaign amidst the uncertainty, we do suggest that before publishing offers, ads or any new content, you whole-heartedly consider what situation the world is currently facing.

In times of crisis, it’s vital that you use a sensitive, sympathetic yet non-patronising tone when addressing anything related to the topic. Tread lightly, and take care in your choice of words, especially if you’re talking about the subject at hand.

Finally, don’t panic. Think critically about what you can work with now and be sure to have a sound and sensible marketing plan that will comfortably see you through the pandemic.


In light of these events, we hope to encourage you all to stay safe and take care of yourselves.