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digital marketing during covid-19

Reduce or Revise? Evaluating Your Digital Marketing Amidst COVID-19

Whilst the world is waiting to resume normality, many businesses affected by the containment of COVID-19 are seemingly cutting their digital marketing expenses. But at what cost? We have listed some quick and effective ways to help you hit the...
avoid cheap seo

Why Avoid Cheap SEO?

In today’s wildly competitive online market place, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become more important than ever, and as a consequence an increasing number of organisations are offering SEO services. With so many SEO packages to choose from,...
how to hire an seo agency

How to Hire an SEO Agency – Google’s Official Guidance

On 14th February 2017, Google published a video to the Google Webmasters YouTube channel entitled “How to hire an SEO”. Google have uploaded this video to complement their very informative “Do you need an SEO?” page. We’ve embedded the video below...
Conversion Rate Tips

Top Tips On How To Improve Your Conversion Rate

In the world of digital marketing, conversion rate is measured by the number of potential visitors performing a desired action on your website. The desired action, or goal, will differ from site to site but some common examples are: Placing an...
Why images are so important for your website

Why Images Are so Important for Your Website

An image is a powerful tool, it can tell a story, share a moment, persuade, entice and inspire. When you open a website, your eye will focus on the image first, if the image is strong then you are more likely to stay on the page for longer. In the...
Google Algorithm

What Is A Google Algorithm, And Why Does It Matter To You?

When you enter a query into Google and the search button is hit, Google provides you with a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The rank or order of these websites is determined by Google's underlying algorithm. What is this algorithm and how does it...
site speed a cautionary tale

Site Speed & Social Sharing - A Cautionary Tale

Social sharing is a standard feature that you will find on most websites. It benefits both the end user and the website proprietor. Users can easily share interesting content with their friends and colleagues, whereas the websites themselves will...

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