British Mensa

British Mensa


British Mensa is a famous organisation who provide a society for bright people, the only qualification being a high IQ.  Mensa welcome people from every walk of life whose IQ is in the top two percent of the population, with the objective of providing a society where members can enjoy each other’s company and participate in a wide range of social and cultural activities.

British Mensa


British Mensa had an outdated Drupal 6 website. Drupal 6 had reached end of life and as such, it was no longer possible for the website to be supported.  With a large membership base and a requirement for both ever changing content, and more member engagement within the website, British Mensa was looking for a significant upgrade for their website.

The existing Drupal 6 website was also providing a poor user experience on mobile devices – a new mobile first design & solution was required.

The existing Drupal 6 website had numerous links into the British Mensa back office, for management of member details, event bookings etc… this too was not performing effectively and an new, improved solution was required to bring the user experience and management efficiency up to date.


With Drupal 8, at the time, not providing the stability required for the full upgrade, it was decided to upgrade the website to Drupal 7 and re-write many of the custom elements and back office integrations, etc... with the forthcoming upgrade to Drupal 8 in mind.

Siruss architected and designed a solution that would be perfect to elevate the look and feel of the website, provide the mobile first capability and improve the overall member experience.

A bright new mobile first theme was designed from scratch to enhance the navigation and user experience for both visitors and members alike.

A custom event booking system was built into the new website, based on the Drupal Commerce framework. The requirements for the booking system were complex and included multi-session/multi-day events with variable cost adjustable menu options also included. An administration and management interface was also developed for the event booking system to provide tools for administrators to easily manage the event booking and indeed the events themselves.

The Drupal Commerce system was also used to provide the functionality for the British Mensa shop, including multi-variant capabilities and member/non-member pricing for individual products as required.

The member experience was customised, so that when a member logs-in, the public homepage of the website changes and becomes the member's own customised online dashboard for everything Mensa. This provides a much improved user experience for members to manage their profiles, interact quickly, via a messaging app, with other members and much more.

Multiple and complex levels of administration were built into the website so that Mensa administrators could allocate tasks and operations to selected members, for managing content with a region for example, or becoming a moderator of the new forum.

What The Client Says

Creating a new website is always a challenge for any organisation. We found working with Siruss, our task was much easier. You helped us to understand what we were asking for and then delivered it! We were also grateful for the suggestions and amendments to some of our previous processes. They sped things up and made the user experience much more comfortable.

John Stevenage
Chief Executive
British Mensa Limited


The client is delighted with the new website. With such a big website and a large membership, there are always a few post launch niggles – the developers at Siruss soon had these covered and the website has also been very well received by the Mensa members.

Members commented on how intuitive and easy to navigate the website is, and with the introduction of the member dashboard how much easier it is to control membership preferences and access features such as the member forum, the special interest groups and chat with other members over the inbuilt private messaging system.

With the highly skilled efforts of both our server engineers and our SEO & Digital Marketing team, the launch of the new website went very smoothly and was delivered exactly on the agreed launch date/time.

Technologies Used

  • Graphic Design
  • Drupal Architecture & Development
  • Drupal Versioning & Forward Planning Development
  • Drupal Upgrading of Bespoke Modules
  • Drupal Commerce Customisation & Bespoke Development for Custom Events System
  • Drupal Custom Theme Design & Development
  • SEO Setup and Implementation
  • Administration Consultancy and Training