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Signs Now are leading UK sign makers and winners of the 'Sign Business of the Year Award'. They design and construct signs for schools and colleges as well as other commercial establishments, such as shops and retail outlets. Signs Now chose to work with Siruss for a number of reasons - our outstanding reputation and in depth knowledge, our ability to fully understand our client's requirements, and last but not least, our approach - the team at Siruss are easy to work with, friendly and helpful!

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Having had their website re-designed and developed by another development agency, Signs Now wanted to focus their attention on search engine optimisation and digital marketing. Their aim was to improve the quality of traffic, target specific keywords and to see a better return on their investment, as they had started to see a decline in traffic; this obviously concerned them and needed addressing promptly. However, rectifying this issue, would not be a straightforward task. Enquiries through organic traffic were on the decline, which suggested they were losing out to the competition; not only this, the different branches were not seeing the same volume of enquiries coming through from the website. To compensate the loss of traffic they made the decision to use Google Adwords to drive traffic their way to help generate enquiries. Due to the high costs associated with running Google Adwords, this was only considered a temporary solution to be in place until the website started to perform better and traffic increased organically.


The first step towards implementing a solution was accessing Signs Now's Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools - this allowed us to start our investigations into exactly what was happening with their website - it provided us with vital information, statistics and trends, enabling the Siruss Digital Marketing team to identify why they were struggling organically.

It was also important to understand the history of the customer, to learn about previous SEO campaigns and any work entailed.

Keyword Research: Using our comprehensive tools for keyword research, we quickly identified suitable keywords and phrases for the client to potentially target. Research was based on location, product type and industry.

SEO Setup: Following our research, and once we agreed on keywords, we carried out the SEO setup for the website. This included restructuring the URLs, re-writing page titles and meta descriptions and setting up the Drupal metatag defaults, including Schema and social sharing.

Content Writing: We helped them create additional content for the site to help drive traffic from other regions of the country.

What The Client Says

Our websites have always been our primary source of customer enquiries. We realised that the traffic we were getting from our sites was in decline. We needed to radically change our websites.

We spent ages talking to numerous agencies about how they would manage such a critical project. We decided to give the job to Siruss because of their structured methodical approach to website design. The majority of our effort was invested in ensuring that a clear and logical structure was put in place which made it easy to put content in to the site – and made the site attractive for Google and other web browsers.

Our traffic has increased continuously since the new site was launched. Since then we have made a number of important additions and revisions to our websites. In each case we found that the original website design allowed us to make these changes without impediment or compromise. These websites have been built to last and we continue to reap the benefits. The staff at Siruss are highly professional and experienced.

They genuinely care about their customers and their customer service. I have never had to chase them for anything.

Bill Dunphy
Managing Director
Signs Now

Technologies Used

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Link Building
  • Content Writing
  • Drupal Support
  • Drupal Maintenance
  • Hosting