Scottish Land & Estates

Scottish Land Estates


Scottish Land & Estates had an outdated Joomla website that was no longer fit for its intended purpose. Siruss were commissioned to design & develop a new Drupal 8 website that would bring the site up to date and create a strong online presence.

Scottish Land & Estates


The former Scottish Land & Estates website was in need of a complete overhaul. Carrying a large membership base and a substantial quantity of historical website content and associated files, the architecture of the new website was critical both for content management and for navigation.

Apart from their main site, Scottish Land & Estates also had a second website for their annual ‘Helping it Happen’ awards.  This website was to be integrated into the main company website to keep everything central under the main ‘SLE’ brand.

A custom event booking system was requested so both members and non-members could instantly book places on the many SLE events throughout the year and for potential new members to join the organisation online.


Drupal 8 was the first and most obvious choice for this website development due to its flexible architecture, security and extendibility.

Siruss crafted a solution that would work with the client long into the future, looked great and was functionally intuitive for both the visitor and the administrators.

A bright new mobile-first design was developed to enhance and simplify navigation, allowing visitors to easily access large amounts of related information and generally provide an enhanced user experience.

We designed, developed and fully integrated the The ‘Helping It Happen’ awards into the new website to provide a similar functionality as before but enhancing and improving the user experience. Tasks such as making a submission of entries or managing awards were made much simpler for administrators.

All pre-existing user accounts and a large quantity of existing content was migrated over to the new website to ensure a smooth transition to live.

A custom event booking and membership e-commerce system was built into the new website based on Drupal Commerce.  The provision of allowing multiple named delegates, across multiple event sessions was provided. Both SagePay and GoCardless were integrated as payment methods providing both direct payment and direct debit options.

What The Client Says

Choosing the right partner for a new website project is difficult for anyone but after a previous bad experience it was even more important to us. Being able to communicate with our team in simple language combined with regular updates and review meetings our decision was proven to be the right one. Our online bookings have increased significantly and the feedback from members is all positive.

Tony Stevenson
Head of Business
Scottish Land & Estates


Scottish Land & Estates new website has been well received by all. Members are delighted with it’s improved usability and modern look.  Since going live, the site is seeing increased usage and higher traffic than any previous website the organisation has had.

Technologies Used

  • Website Design
  • Website Architecture & Development
  • Data Migration and Integration Planning
  • Drupal Custom Module Development
  • Drupal Commerce Customisation & Bespoke Development for Events & Memberships
  • Drupal Custom Theme Design & Development
  • SEO Setup and Implementation
  • Administration, Consultancy and Training