Pain Management

Pain Management


The Pain Management clinic provides diagnosis and treatment plans for those suffering from chronic pain related problems; a new website was required to increase consultation enquiries.

Case Study Pain Management


The client's existing website was poorly structured, lacking in quality content and was suffering from an ongoing decrease in organic traffic.

The website was constructed using a bespoke content management system which delivered a poorly optimised website, limited functionality and was incapable of being updated efficiently.  This client required a new website with a comprehensive content management system to manage content, increase traffic and convert visitors into enquiries.


Drupal was the chosen CMS platform for development of the new website.

A clean, fresh and modern mobile responsive design was delivered to the client.

The new Drupal website was designed and developed to organise the large volume of information into a logical structure, enabling simple navigation and location of information for the website visitor under clear top level pages & headings.

The Siruss SEO team reviewed all of the content on the website, identifying under-performing areas.  Poor content was re-written, optimised and re-structured into logical, easily navigable articles.  Additional pages and content were added to the website, following identification of potentially high traffic subject areas by the SEO team.

The SEO team provided full SEO setup and optimisation of content, with 301 URL redirects put in place from the existing website, in order to maintain any existing search engine rankings.

What The Client Says

Siruss have been great for my website from the complete redesign to the professional SEO now putting it on the front page of google for so many keywords. They are very professional. They create new and relevant articles for me as well and when I review them they are well-written and relevant. Finding and using Siruss was the best thing that I could have done, having been let down so many times by others before.

Dr Mark Miller
Managing Director
Pain Medico Legals


The well designed and structured Drupal website has enjoyed an increase in organic traffic of over 50%, with a positive increase in the amount of referrals.  The website has a clear navigation structure enabling visitors to locate information quickly; administrators find it easy to manage content via the Drupal CMS.

Siruss provide ongoing content writing and optimisation services for the website, ensuring that current search engine ranking and traffic volumes are maintained and improved.

Technologies Used

  • Website Design
  • Drupal Architecture and Development
  • Content Writing & Restructuring
  • Search Engine Optimisation