MHA Building Consultancy

MHA Building Consultancy


MHA Building Consultancy are a bespoke Building Surveying and Project Management practice based in Surrey with over 30 years experience across all sectors of the marketplace, and an enviable reputation based on repeat business and referral from happy and satisfied clients.

MHA had an existing, outdated website - a new content managed website was required to move the business forward and showcase their many projects.

MHA Case Study


MHA Building Consultancy work in multiple sectors and offer a range of services, it was important that the website displayed this clearly.

Projects completed in differing sectors often incorporate multiple services and a content management system was required that could provide the flexibility and scope for the client to simply link services, sectors and projects together.

MHA Building Consultancy already had a well-established brand so it was important that the new website design complimented this, and worked to promote it further.


Drupal 8 was the perfect platform for the new MHA Building Consultancy website.

As a Drupal specialist agency, Siruss architected a solution using taxonomies to collectively group information into Silos.  The use of taxonomy as the binding link between the content, ensured that the system was extensible and flexible as well as allowing a 2 way relationship to be constructed between the individual content types.

A fresh icon driven design was provided by our designers, the client was highly satisfied with the concept of the structure and the new fresh design - the project then progressed to development.

Based on the silo driven architecture, our developers could create a simple to use content management system allowing the client to self-manage all aspects of the website and the relationships between content.  It was simple for the client to add a project, for example, select related services used on the project and the project sector.

Once the relationships were linked between a project and its services and sector, our developers built the website to dynamically display all of the related projects on a service or sector page.

This dynamic use of taxonomy based relationships creates, is what we call at SIRUSS, circular navigation.  With circular navigation, there is never a black hole or dead end on a website – visitors can navigate between elements of each silo in a truly circular path, keeping the visitor engaged at every part of their journey through the website.

The Siruss SEO & Digital Marketing team performed a basic SEO setup on the website.


MHA Building Consultancy love their great new Drupal 8 website and the improvements it offers over their previous website.

The new website provides a simple to navigate portfolio of the services offered by the client and the projects that they have completed.  The website content continues to evolve as the client self manages the project portfolio.

Siruss continue to support and maintain the MHA Building Consultancy website with a cost effective Siruss monthly maintenance plan.

Technologies Used

  • Graphic Design
  • Drupal Architecture & Development
  • Drupal Custom Theme Development
  • SEO Setup and Consultancy
  • Online Drupal Training