Global Convenience Store Focus

Global Convenience Store Focus


GCSF commissioned Siruss to re-design and re-develop their international retail industry website to increase both their presence in the industry and their online revenue.

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GCSF had an underperforming and difficult to manage website.  Our goal was to design and develop a new website that would not only grow with the business but also capitalise their business activities.

The website would be a news and information hub, full to the brim with useful articles, tips, media and all the latest industry news.

Revenue generating advertising was to be a key focus of this website with both static and in-page advertising required.

Our greatest challenge was to design and create the categories and relationships that promoted both visual appeal and manageability, all whilst maintaining a professional and coherent user experience.


WordPress is the perfect solution for any blog/news style website, so it was by far the most suitable choice for their new site. 

A newer, sharper custom theme was wire-framed and designed.  A brand facelift had also been requested by the client so we used this opportunity to harmonise the site, its design and the overall feel.

A strong ‘hero’ section was designed for the home-page to promote the latest feature articles with both promoted video and news items being a primary focus.

Custom content types and templates were created to deliver unique yet lucid content layouts within various sections of the website, including giving the administrator’s a choice of either sidebars or full width layouts. 

What The Client Says

We needed to make a massive improvement in our international retail industry website. We invested and Siruss delivered a world class new website which has already attracted very positive feedback from our clients and sponsors.
The Siruss team are a pleasure to work with, highly efficient, professional and with considerable creative and organisational talent. I am a very satisfied customer and I’d recommend them to anyone.

Dan Munford
Managing Director
Insight Research


The client is very impressed with their new WordPress site and immediately began to see the benefits once it went live.

The clients ambition to drive forward in their market and become recognised as ‘the’ premier website for industry sector news is now being recognised.

A strong content and marketing program is now underway to further help the client reach their maximum potential,  and the ease of use of the website administration area ensures an easy, flexible and less tedious experience.

Technologies Used

  • Website Design

  • Website Architecture & Development

  • Custom WordPress Theme Design & Development

  • SEO Setup and Implementation

  • Administration, Consultancy and Training

  • Ongoing Marketing Advice & Consultancy