A highly popular choice for startups and first-time websites, Wordpress has a wide variety of good quality free, and premium, themes. You will find yourself spoilt for choice as you search for that perfect theme for your new website.

Each one of these ‘off the shelf’ themes will help make the task of website building appear invitingly simple and straight-forward. One of the many reasons why WordPress is a popular choice among many start-ups and small businesses.

With its large variety of ready-made themes, it may well be that one of these is all you need to create the website you want, and need, for your venture. 

If this is the case, and your needs are relatively small and simple, then we can install, brand and style your chosen theme for you. Aligning it with your business identity, creating a functional, good-looking, responsive website giving your business the online presence it deserves. 

Combine your new website with Siruss WordPress hosting and you ensure a fast and reliable user experience.

However, there are many advantages in considering a custom-built WordPress theme

What may seem more than enough right now, can easily become a limiting factor in the future as your business grows into its full potential. It is for this reason that many people consider a custom WordPress theme. This is a theme tailored to meet the specific requirements of your website, in the present and further down the line.

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The Benefits of a Custom WordPress Theme

A ready-made theme can initially appear to fulfil your needs, providing all you need in the early days of business. As you add content, attract more visitors and find your business growing, it is likely your vision for the future will expand also. It is at this point the limitations of your ready-made theme start to show themselves.

Fighting to fit content to theme or theme to content?

At this point, many people find themselves fighting on a regular basis to work around the limiting factors of their chosen theme. This struggle can often lead to the exasperating experience of having to shoe-horn your content into the restrictions placed by your chosen theme. Causing you to compromise on your ideals, and become increasingly frustrated as your desired design and website requirements are hindered again and again, by a theme that initially appeared to ‘do it all’.


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Your Website Is Your Shop Window

For many visitors, your WordPress website is their first impression of you and your business.

You want it to look fantastic. It needs to showcase your strengths whilst giving a pleasant, user-friendly experience. 

The beauty of a custom WordPress theme is that you are able to have everything your website needs, with no unnecessary features. 

This gives a smoother experience to both you and your potential clients. In our increasingly crowded online world, a custom theme gives your WordPress website the ability, and the resources, to adapt, grow and thrive when and where required. 

Do you have:

  • A vision for your website, you know exactly how you want it to look? 
  • A specific ‘feel’ to express your business identity? 
  • A larger business requiring a variety of features and customisation?

In each scenario, a bespoke theme is your ideal solution.

By choosing to have a custom WordPress theme developed for your website, our creative designers and WordPress developers can work with you, designing and building a custom theme perfect to your requirements. 

With your custom theme, you are free from the restrictions of a ‘ready-made’ theme, free to decorate your online shop window the way you really want it to look. You will be providing your website with the adaptability to grow in line with your business.

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Why Choose Siruss To Create Your Custom WordPress Theme?

At Siruss we understand the importance and satisfaction of a well functioning, fantastic looking website. We know that your online presence is your best salesperson. 

Having designed many high quality, bespoke websites we know the benefits that a custom build will bring to you and your business, the freedom and flexibility, as well as the hassles it will help you avoid.

Our highly experienced designers and dedicated Wordpress developers, would be happy to work with your chosen designer or design your bespoke WordPress theme in-house. With a wealth of knowledge in website design spanning many years of experience, we will work with you to create a custom theme that works for you, producing long-term results for your business.

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