Our Drupal security audits and health checks provide you with a comprehensive report of the current condition of your website. The report will detail the health and state of your installation as well as highlighting any issues there may be. Following our report we will make recommendations - these will help maximise performance and increase security. Follow our recommendations and technical risks will be minimised with the security of your website greatly improved.

Every open source application has its own strengths and weaknesses, it is understanding these that makes Siruss, Drupal experts, perfectly placed to provide you with a security and performance report of your current website.

The importance of the performance of your website is often overlooked!  Slow site speed is a significant factor that can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings across all devices.  It may be that just a couple of minor changes are required to accelerate your website to the required performance level - let Siruss check your website and recommend the appropriate solution.

If you have concerns about the health and performance of your Drupal website please contact us.

Website Security Inspection

Security risks could derive from many things, out of date software, incorrect file/directory permissions, a poorly configured Drupal installation or even your hosting.  We will check everything for possible security risks and make our recommendations. Automated hacking systems target websites with poor security or known open source security vulnerabilities, don't let your website fall victim to something that can be prevented.

Drupal Module Audit & Review

Our development team will analyse the status of your contributed Drupal modules, assessing which are out of date, require updating and pose a security risk. We will also inform you of any modules that could be slowing your website down - some of which may provide little or no functionality or purpose, including poorly coded custom modules written by other developers.

Setup & Configuration Checks

A poorly configured website can cause many issues, such as poor performance, registration and user account vulnerabilities - it is amazing some of the things our team has uncovered on even high profile Drupal websites. Our report will indicate how your Drupal installation has been set up, configured, and highlight any potential weaknesses.

Don't leave anything to chance, Siruss are Drupal experts - it is what we do, so let us help.