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WordPress SEO
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Despite being the most widely used Content Management System in the world, WordPress is not very SEO friendly straight out of the box. The Siruss team are very familiar with WordPress SEO and there are a variety of plugins which we can add to your Content Management System to make it more SEO friendly.

However, simply installing a WordPress plugin does not automatically improve your SEO. There are many settings to configure and issues to address that your SEO plugin won’t be able to fix.

Therefore, it is a great idea to reach out to an expert WordPress SEO agency that can guide you.

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WordPress SEO Setup for New Websites

If you have a relatively new WordPress website, the Siruss SEO team can perform a website SEO setup. This will prepare your website for Search Engines.

Our WordPress SEO Setup service includes everything you need to get started:

  • Google services setup: Google Analytics, Search Console so you can monitor your website traffic
  • Keyword research: So you’re targeting the best and most realistic keywords for your business goals and budget
  • WordPress SEO plugin installation and configuration
  • Technical SEO setup: So your website is optimised for Search
  • Advice on how to continue your search marketing strategy

Talk to our team today about your website SEO setup.

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seo audit

WordPress SEO Audit for Existing Websites

If you have an existing WordPress website and you feel that your Organic Search performance could be improved, the Siruss SEO team can deliver an in-depth manual SEO audit. We share our SEO audit spreadsheet with you, so you can see our methods and monitor progress.

Our WordPress SEO Audit includes everything from the SEO setup, but also reviews existing technical SEO and current performance, which allows our team to prioritise actions that can improve organic search effectiveness.

Let's discuss potential improvements to your search engine performance.

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monthly seo plans

Monthly WordPress SEO Plans

Setting up the technical SEO on your WordPress website ready for search engines is the first step to a wider organic search strategy.

Our SEO team offers monthly WordPress SEO plans where we take care of all your SEO needs. This includes the technical SEO elements on your website but can include creating new content to build new points of entry to your website by targeting new keywords. We also offer ongoing link acquisition which can build overall website authority and improve your rankings over time. Anything that influences Search Engine rankings, we can include it in your bespoke plan.

Search Engine Optimisation is a long term strategy and one that requires constant attention. All of our monthly WordPress SEO Plans are on a monthly rolling contract, so you aren’t locked into any minimum term deal - but we do recommend that you stick with your campaign for at least 6 months to start seeing positive changes.

Our monthly SEO plans are tailored to your website, business goals and how competitive your niche is online - no two websites are the same.

Get in touch today to discuss your unique requirements.

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Other WordPress Services

Siruss offers a full suite of WordPress services beyond SEO. We have dedicated WordPress web developers to make technical changes, theme improvements and even full website builds.

We also offer monthly maintenance of plugins and the WordPress core, hosting on our SuperFast WordPress Cloud and website support. Are you a little stuck with how to make changes to your website? We offer training too.

Get in touch today to discover our full suite of services.