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Magento is an extremely popular ecommerce platform for larger, more complex sites due to its far-reaching abilities. However, due to its complexity, out of the box Magento is not SEO friendly. Our expert SEO team at Siruss have a wealth of experience with Magento and SEO setup for complex ecommerce businesses. They will choose, install and set up the relevant extensions for your Magento site.

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seo setup checklist

Magento SEO Setup for New Websites

For a relatively new Magento website, our experienced SEO team can carry out a full SEO setup, ensuring your site is optimised for Search Engines.

Our Magento SEO Setup service will include everything required to get you started:

  • Google services setup: This includes Google Analytics and Search Console, enabling you to monitor traffic to your website.
  • Keyword research: An essential step to ensure your keywords are optimally targeted and relevant to your business goals and budget.
  • Installation and configuration of Magento SEO extensions
  • Technical SEO setup: This ensures your website is optimised for Search
  • Advice and recommendations for continuing your search marketing strategy

Let's discuss optimising your new Magento website.

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seo audit

Magento SEO Audit for Existing Websites

Do you have an existing Magento website but feel that your Organic Search performance has room for improvement? The Siruss SEO team offers a manual SEO audit. This is an in-depth process and we share our SEO audit spreadsheet with you, allowing you to see our methods and monitor your websites progress.

Our full Magento SEO Audit includes all aspects of the SEO setup, while also reviewing the existing technical SEO and current performance. This helps our team to prioritise the actions that can improve organic search effectiveness.

See how we can improve your current Magento optimisation.

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monthly seo plans

Monthly Magento SEO Plans

Setting up the technical SEO on your WordPress website ready for search engines is the first step to a wider organic search strategy.

Having set up the technical SEO, your Magento website is ready for search engines and has taken the first steps of an organic, and wider, search strategy.

The Siruss SEO team offers monthly Magento SEO plans encompassing all your SEO needs. We can take care of all the technical SEO elements on your website as well as the creation of new content, building new entry points to your website by targeting new and relevant keywords.  We can help build your website’s authority through ongoing link acquisition, improving your Search Engine rankings gradually.  At Siruss we create a bespoke plan for your website, including everything you need to improve your website's rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation requires constant, ongoing attention and an effective long term strategy. Siruss offers monthly Magento SEO Plans on a rolling contract, without locking you into a minimum term deal. However, to start seeing positive changes, we do recommend sticking with your campaign for at least 6 months.

Your monthly SEO plan will be tailored to your website, no two websites are the same! We will also take into account your business goals and how competitive your niche is online.

Get in touch today to discuss your specific requirements.

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suite of services

A Full Suite of Magento Services

We also offer a full range of Magento services. Our dedicated team of developers cover all requirements from technical changes to full website builds.  Alongside this, we can provide monthly maintenance of extensions, hosting and website support. 

Would you like a little help with making website changes? Our experienced team can provide training or ADHOC support services.

Get in touch today to discover our full range of services.