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One of the greatest advantages of having a CMS (Content Management System) website is having the ability to add and modify your website content.  However, you may not always have the time or the confidence to maintain your website content to the level required. Siruss provides a range of website support services for any content changes needed to your website.  Our team of highly experienced developers, SEO specialists and content writers can create content perfect for your website.

Website support should not be confused with website maintenance. Website maintenance keeps your content management system (CMS) and all its modules/plugins up-to-date with the latest security releases, you can read more about this here.  Website support is assistance in the creation and implementation of content within your website.

Examples of website support services that we regularly provide are:

Landing Pages

We can help make sure your products are noticed by your audience by creating eye-catching landing pages for your website. Ideal if you're starting a new marketing campaign or launching a new product.

Adding New Pages and Sections to your Website

If you need help adding new pages, blog posts, images or any other content to your website, our support team and content writers will be happy to help.

Design Refresh

Contact our support team for help with visual changes to your website such as changing the colour and position of your menu, switching logos and more.

Add Promotional Banners

An excellent cost effective tool for providing announcements with information, product specific sales, or to draw attention to certain areas of your website to your audience.

Telephone Support

Our telephone support team can provide expert assistance on weekdays from 9am until 5pm, allowing you to call us with any questions related to your website.

Consulting & REPORTING

We can provide consultation services and reports for your website.  This could be a structural overview of your website, the set up and marketing of your online business or even a usability/surface review of your website. Whether you’re starting out or even looking for an unbiased review of your existing website, Siruss has many years of experience in our chosen platform and can provide a full report as requested - which can often be quite enlightening.

Siruss no longer provides Monthly Support Contracts.  Although other agencies still charge a monthly fee, we have found that it never balances out and either Siruss or our client lose out. Siruss has built its reputation on honesty and quality of work, therefore we now only bill hourly for website support ensuring transparency - you will only get billed for work carried out and we always let you know what things will cost up front.

Contact Siruss today to discuss your website support requirements, Call us on 01743 588 150 or drop us a note in the contact form below.


Why Use Siruss: 

We Work With Different Platforms

While Siruss specialises in Drupal and Shopify, we also work with Magento, WordPress, Joomla and a number of bespoke content management systems. Whatever the query, or the platform, we can help.

Years of Experience on the Web

Our team of expert web developers and digital marketers have years of experience with websites and everything that goes with them. We will be able to help you with any query that you have, simple or complicated.

We Care About Your Business

Siruss is here to help - we work with our clients to ensure websites look and work to the best of their abilities. We're here for you every step of the way and are on your side.

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