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A slow website can have negative consequences, in many cases visitors will simply leave to find an alternative solution or product, meaning you will miss out on potential business as a result and the major search engines will reduce your rankings!

This could be due to an incorrect hosting environment for your platform, poor development of your website, an exploit such as Malware or simply the ignorance of your current hosting provider or development agency in terms of the technology available to optimise your website's performance.

At Siruss, we understand the importance of the performance of your website and how this will affect your online business.  


Your choice of hosting for your website is extremely important and should be chosen, engineered and deployed specifically for your platform by your development agency.  Optimal hosting for Drupal, WordPress and Magento is very different and should be chosen carefully.  At Siruss we run individually optimised servers for each platform, we can commission dedicated servers for high load websites. We split our web servers, database servers and mail servers across individual dedicated servers to ensure all resources are carefully managed and optimised for your website.

Website DEVELOPMENT & Performance

The performance of your website, irrespective of hosting, will depend on many factors, not just how your website has been programmed or structured.  There are many software applications that can assist the loading and caching of your website, even if your website is poorly structured.  For example Memcache, Varnish, Big Pipe to name just a few- these can all make a significant difference to performance.

If your website is running slowly and you are paying for good quality, optimised hosting then you may have a problem with your website structure that needs addressing, you may have a Malware issue or you may need to use additional software to accelerate performance.  Either way, Siruss will advise on the most appropriate solution for your situation by analysing the setup and configuration of your website and even running independent virus & Malware scans and tests.


Siruss can provide a comprehensive speed and performance optimisation service/audit, we can review your hosting and development structure to detect why your website is running slowly. Our thorough approach to performance and speed optimisation ensures that we will carefully examine every component of your site, from content delivery, caching, database optimisation and potential Malware or Virus issues. This allows us to understand why your website is performing poorly, we can then either issue a performance audit report for your information or undertake the necessary tasks as required.

For more information about website performance and speed optimisation services, please call us on 01743 588150. Or get in touch using the contact form below.


Why Use Siruss: 

We Work with Different Platforms

We don't just have experience with Shopify and Drupal, we also work with the WordPress blogging platform and the Magento ecommerce platform and host hundreds of websites that use them.

Years of Experience

Siruss collectively has decades of experience - there isn't much we haven't seen in the web development world, therefore you can rest assured that when you work with us, you are in safe hands.

We Care About Your Business

Siruss is here to fight your corner, we work with our clients to exceed goals and generate leads. If there is anything that you need explaining in greater depth, we'll be happy to do so. We're here for you at every step of the way.

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