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CMS Website Design

Drupal is our preferred platform for content managed websites.  As we all know, there are many 'off the shelf' themes which can be used for the front end of your new website; however, these may have design limitations and not be 'exactly' what you are looking for.  Siruss have many years of experience in the design of content managed websites - our developers are experts in Drupal theming, which, when combined, will deliver a stunning looking, high performance website.

It is often thought that bespoke website design is too expensive and you can get online for much less, a lot quicker.  Your website is your showcase - your shop window to the world, it is important that it looks as good as it possibly can. The cost of doing this may be somewhat surprising - not nearly as much as you thought it would be, whilst providing stunning results.

Our designers are highly experienced in website design and although it may be tempting to use an an agency which specialises in print, we advise against this as their designers will not fully understand the requirements of designing for the web. This is unfortunately, something we see time and time again and the result is far less than satisfactory - your website needs to look fantastic and be fully functional, so come and talk to us about your design ideas.

Ecommerce Website Design

Our ecommerce platform of choice is Shopify.  As with the Drupal content management system, there are many 'off the shelf' themes that you can simply buy and add to your store. However, just like the Drupal themes, there are often limitation and design issues - it is essential that you are 100% happy with both the design and functionality of your online store.

Our designers are highly experienced in designing ecommerce websites, this area of web design is much more complex than often imagined; for example, the use of button colours can have a huge influence on whether a visitor will be likely to click it, or not. Other aspects such as the position of items on a product page, are also crucial - our designers understand what works and will design your Shopify store to not only look great, but function perfectly too.

Siruss Shopify developers are experts in the Liquid templating language used by Shopify - no design is too complex or too challenging.  Our designers work together with our developers to create the perfect balance of design and functionality.

Website Design Refresh

Perhaps you have an existing website and are not happy with the design, it may be outdated, or merely in need of refreshing? Whether it is a Drupal, WordPress, Shopify or Magento website, we can redesign it for you.  We have designers and developers with exceptional experience across all platforms, and will make your old tired website look stunning and up to date again.

It could be, however, that there are issues with the underlying code base of your website - perhaps it is simply out of date, or has been exposed to an exploit of some kind.  Speak to us first and allow Siruss to perform an in-depth review of your current solution, based on this we can devise a plan, providing you with a recommended route forward - it may be quite surprising!

If you would like to come and see us to discuss a website design project, please send us an email and arrange to come in for a chat. Our office is centrally located in Shrewsbury town centre, you can also call us on 01743 588150.


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Why Use Siruss: 

We Work with Different Platforms

We don't just have experience with Shopify and Drupal, we also work with the WordPress blogging platform and the Magento ecommerce platform and host hundreds of websites which use them.

Years of Experience

Siruss collectively has decades of experience - there isn't much we haven't seen in the web development world, therefore you can rest assured that when you work with us, you are in safe hands.

We Care About Your Business

Siruss is here to fight your corner, we work with our clients to exceed goals and generate leads. If there is anything that you need explaining in greater depth, we'll be happy to do so. We're here for you at every step of the way.

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