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Do you have an existing Shopify website that is not getting enough traffic or is your Shopify store new? Despite popular belief, new customers won't just land on your website, you need a strategy to bring targeted visitors to your website.

Our aim is the same as yours; that is to grow your store so it reaches its full potential and exceeds your business goals and targets. Attracting new clients to your Shopify store will take hard work, commitment and a level of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) knowledge. Our SEO specialists are ready to help you find new clients and retain them.

With any new project comes an element of SEO consultation, we are happy to act as consultants and offer SEO advice, or we can work with you on an ongoing basis.

Shopify SEO Experts

Siruss uses ethical SEO techniques, meaning your Shopify website is likely to retain search engine rankings. It is important that Google and the other search engines know what you're selling on your website. This way Google can let its users know which websites are relevant to what they are searching for. The search engines perform an important task, so it is vital your website gets noticed by them. By using high quality content and technical SEO techniques, your website will have a good chance of climbing up the rankings. Great content is not only great for the search engines, it also engages visitors to your website.

It All Starts with Keyword Research

Don't underestimate the importance of keyword research; one of our first tasks is to identify appropriate words and phrases suitable for your business. If you target the wrong keywords you will either receive the wrong kind of enquiry, or nothing at all. Let us use our comprehensive and sophisticated tools to ascertain suitable keyword phrases. Our suggestions we will be based on the level of competition and the search volumes generated.

Once we have identified and agreed on the target keywords, we can then start to work on your Shopify store.

Monitoring Success

As with all of our SEO campaigns, Siruss aims to improve your organic search engine traffic and your overall traffic figures. Using Google Analytics, we can identify how your traffic is using your website. More traffic doesn't always necessarily mean more sales. Luckily, the Siruss SEO team can advise you on changes to your website to increase your conversion rate and make better use of your visitors.

Why Use Siruss: 

We're Shopify Partners

Siruss is a Shopify Partner, which means you can rely on us to build your online shop to the highest standard. Our team of Shopify experts will be able to answer any questions you may have about the platform.

Years of SEO Experience

Our SEO team has years of experience in increasing traffic from search engines. We have worked with brands big and small to generate traffic and leads. We know a wide range of techniques to get you noticed online.

We Care About Your Business

Siruss is here to fight your corner. We work with our clients to exceed goals and generate leads. If there's anything from your campaign that you need explaining to you, we'll be happy to. We're here for you at every step of the way.

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