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Drupal Maintenance

As Drupal continues to grow and develop, both the core system and contributed modules are constantly updated by the Drupal community. It is essential for security, that these updates are applied to your site!

Unfortunately, the complexity of hackers is ever growing, either via human or automatic systems. By failing to update your website with a security software release will render it openly exposed to unscrupulous attacks by malicious hackers, and automated systems.

When exploits are found within Drupal, the Drupal Security team will release a patch. Siruss will then install the patch to your website, ensuring the website is kept as secure as possible, we also test for any impact on functionality across your website. The importance of keeping your website secure, should not be underestimated, as whilst some hackers are relatively benign in what they do, others are more dangerous. Not updating your website in a timely manner leaves it vulnerable to becoming compromised.

Our Drupal maintenance costs are competitive and cost effective. When you work with Siruss, you are working with a company with an excellent reputation, that works to high standards.

What Can Hackers Do?

There are many things a hacker can do to your website, with varying degrees of severity, most of which could easily damage your reputation.  Some examples may include:

  • Turning your website into a spamming engine. This could result in your domain name being black listed

  • Inserting text and links of a pornographic nature into your website

  • Inserting crude or unpleasant images

  • Deleting your entire website

  • Re-directing your visitors to another website

  • Cloning all your enquiries, including personal data including names, email addresses and even customer's credit card details

Our Drupal maintenance contracts will cover you for Drupal core, contributed module and contributed theme updates.

Drupal Support

In addition to providing Drupal Maintenance, we also offer Drupal Support Agreements. Your website may need some additional functionality or some minor modifications. We can tailor your requirement to fit your needs and your budget with simple monthly payments or even an 'as and when' approach.


Why Use Siruss: 

Drupal Association Member

Siruss is a Drupal Association member and also an active member of the Drupal community. We really know Drupal inside out and are an authority on the content management system in the United Kingdom.

Many Years of Drupal Experience

Siruss collectively has decades of Drupal experience and there isn't much we haven't seen in the web development world. We know how websites work and how they should be built, you're in safe hands.

Drupal Hosting Specialists

Our knowledge of Drupal hosting is second to none. We have been hosting Drupal websites for many years, it is our knowledge of hosting and how it applies to Drupal that makes us the leading authority in the UK.

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