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Drupal developmentWe believe that Drupal is the number one content management system and we are confident you will think the same. From small businesses to large organisations, local authorities and corporations, when it comes to Drupal, all our clients think the same as us and praise Drupal for its ease of use and flexibility - we love it for its 'framework' approach, solid reliability, security and great community.

At Siruss, we are renowned for our depth of knowledge and expertise in Drupal. Our highly skilled Drupal developers have been working with Drupal since the early days; in fact, some since early version 5. At Siruss we have back-end Drupal programmers who can leverage Drupal's API to provide amazing functionality as well as front-end, specialist user experience [UX] developers, making our websites look stunning right across all devices.  What we don't know about Drupal, isn't worth knowing!

Whether you are looking for a simple CMS to capture a small audience, or a more complex solution on a larger scale, contact Siruss and let us work with you to develop your Drupal website.  You are never 'just a client' at Siruss, we are here to provide you with long term solutions and become your development partner.

Our range of Drupal development does not simply stop at building great new websites, we also provide Drupal development services in the following areas:

  • Custom and bespoke module development to provide additional functionality to your website.
  • Custom theme development in both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. Siruss have in-depth knowledge of both PHP Template and Twig theming including theme customisation to ensure correct delivery of data.
  • Audits and recommendations for your existing Drupal website - is your current provider looking after you?
  • Upgrade and update services, whether full version upgrades or simply maintenance updates.


What is Drupal?

Drupal is, in our opinion, the world's best Content Management System (CMS). It provides a robust, scalable platform that can grow as your business grows; whilst at the same time, providing a great content management interface for you to manage every aspect of your website's content yourself and if you need help, the team at Siruss are always here - so you are not alone.  Drupal has an extensive collection of contributed modules which all help to add extra functionality and are supported by the great Drupal community but it doesn't stop there - Siruss can develop pretty much anything you like for your Drupal website, all standards compliant and adhering to our strict guidelines.

Big Names Trust Drupal

Drupal is used by a broad range of clients and is increasingly used by government and educational establishments around the world, indeed it is fast becoming their platform of choice - this says a lot about Drupal!

Below are some examples of businesses and establishments that have put their trust in Drupal.

  • BBC Store

  • Timex

  • The Telegraph

  • The Stroke Association

  • The Weather Channel

  • The Beetles

  • Fox News

  • Cisco

  • University of Surrey

  • Cancer Research UK

  • City of Los Angeles

For all Drupal development requirements, Contact Siruss.  We won't baffle you with technical jargon, we will just build you a great Drupal website or help you improve your existing Drupal website.  Reliable, honest and dependable - Siruss have built and are hosting and supporting hundreds of Drupal websites, large and small. Rest assured, you are in safe hands when working with Siruss.

Why Use Siruss: 

Drupal Association Member

Siruss is a Drupal Association member and an active member of the Drupal community. We really know Drupal inside out and are an authority on the content management system in the United Kingdom.

Years of Drupal Experience

Siruss collectively has decades of Drupal experience and there isn't much we haven't seen in the web development world. We know how websites work and how they should be built, you're in safe hands.

Drupal Hosting Specialists

Our knowledge of Drupal hosting is second to none.  We have been hosting Drupal websites for many years, it is our knowledge of hosting and how it applies to Drupal that makes us the leading authority in the UK.

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