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Lavoro Design was a new start-up company selling height adjustable desks, they were looking for a cost effective e-commerce solution that would provide a website capable of facilitating both their trade and direct sales, all within a start-up budget.


The client required a bespoke designed theme that would showcase the desks with the use of high quality imagery. The website had to be practical and simple to use from mobile to desktop, look stylish and professional to reflect the quality of the products.

The desk products have multiple options and price variants with optional extras, such as cable ports and controllers, all of which needed presenting to the website visitor in an intuitive way directly from the product page.

A colour/wood finish swatch facility was also required by the client to present a user friendly view of the high quality wood finishes available across the product range.

Following extensive on-line research and previous experience of high cost Magento builds in other companies, Lavoro Design contacted Siruss to request a proposal for the new website based on the Shopify platform.

Lavoro Design screenshots


Lavoro Design accepted our Shopify proposal – it provided everything that the client required in the new website, from design to functionality, all within budget.

Siruss provided a fixed cost for the entire design and build process.

Our designers provided a design concept that showcased the products with a simple and intuitive mobile first approach, whilst matching the Lavoro brand. The client was delighted with the design and the project progressed quickly to development.

A custom, mobile first theme was developed to the designs. A clean, open look and feel was built into the desk collection pages, with a subtle shading of the product area on rollover, revealing a quick view icon that when clicked brings up an overlay containing a brief overview of the product with a prominent link to view the full product information.

The product pages were custom designed and developed to provide a ‘Customise’ facility to the right of the main product image where the visitor can select from a number of options for their desk.

The options on the product page were all created using Shopify product variants with the display of the frame colour and finish formatted in stylish colour, and wood image swatches making selection simple and intuitive.  Any combination of size, frame colour and material finish can be instantly viewed in real time with the main product image dynamically updating to reflect the selection.

The ‘Product Accessories’ Shopify app was installed and configured to provide the ability for the additions, such as cable trays or cable ports, to be selectable as part of the ‘Customise’ feature. A visitor to the website can select everything they need for a fully customised height adjustable desk from a single product page.

A configurable trade login and pricing system was incorporated, allowing multiple levels of trade pricing, all configurable by simple use of the Shopify tag system on a customer account.

The Shopify RTS (real time shipping) bolt-on was added to the Shopify subscription, this provided a significant cost saving to the client over moving to the next level of Shopify subscription – a saving of over $200 USD per month.

Bespoke Shipping was added to the Shopify installation, with shipping rates calculated dynamically from UK mainland and Highlands & Islands, using postcode and country ID checks.

We also incorporated and setup the Xero accounting Shopify app for the client to dynamically have orders passed into their accounts system.

Results & Success:

Lavoro Design is extremely pleased with the new website. From the design through to the custom functionality, the website delivers everything that the client asked for, for a fixed cost and in budget.

Techniques Used: 
  • Shopify Design
  • Shopify Architecture & Development
  • Shopify Custom Theme Development
  • Shopify Custom Extension Development
  • Shopify Online Training and Assistance
  • Shopify Support



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